Emotionally Dealing With Your Baby Arriving Too Early

A majority of parents to be have many hopes and dreams for their little baby and these hopes can often be dashed when their baby makes an early arrival. This experience can be extremely traumatizing and it can be very difficult and hurtful to have to deal with seeing you baby hooked up in machines and incubators when all you dreamed of was being able to cradle a healthy baby in your arms. Your baby arriving early can bring up multiple emotions and it can often be a rollercoaster ride for the mother and the father both.

A majority of those emotions will usually be a result of having to deal with the unknown. During your pregnancy, you no doubt read every article and every book about baby care and you may have felt like you were ready to take care of your baby but then when a premature birth happens and you have to watch your baby being hooked up on to an infant incubator it can be a very traumatic experience because you no longer know what to do and you no longer feel as if you have control over the situation. Feelings of helplessness can be very common during a premature birth which can make things a lot more difficult.

A rollercoaster of emotions

Most mothers who experience a premature birth will tell you that it was a very difficult experience but at the same time that they experience a mixture of emotions that can only be described as somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. Some of the feelings that new parents experience are feelings of grief, panic, shock, hope, guilt and sadness. You may not be able to breast feed your baby properly and may also require a lactation aid to help you and this too can drive feelings of guilt.

However, it is important for you to remember two things. The first would be the fact that there is little that you can personally do at this point and therefore panicking and worrying will only make you feel worse. The second thing that you need to remember is that we have the best and most advanced medical care right at our finger tips and that you need to place your trust one hundred percent with your doctors at this point and have faith that they will make your baby healthy and strong. The truth is, your baby can feel you and what you feel transfers to what your baby is feeling and therefore positivity helps in leaps and bounds.