Celebrating Your Baby’s First Birthday

Your baby’s first birthday means so many things. It is the anniversary of your baby’s birth but it is also the anniversary of the day that you and your partner became parents. It celebrates one year of parenthood and possibly one of the most difficult, stressful, tiring yet most joyful years of your life. In fact, there really is not going to be any other year in your life that is as eventful and important as this one. Of course, you will have other babies and those first years will be similar but they will not be the same as this year was filled with so many first time experiences for you and your baby. Therefore this day, your baby’s first birthday is indeed worth celebrating.

Choosing a birthday gift

There is no doubt that you are tempted to buy your baby every baby toy in the store for her first birthday. The truth is, baby stores know this and they will take complete advantage of the fact by selling all of the most incredible and beautiful toys at the store but it is important for you to be practical and for you to spend your money wisely. When choosing a gift, make sure that you buy some creative toys that will be both fun for your baby and good for your baby’s development. There are various toys that will provide your baby with hours of entertainment and fun while also helping your baby to think and understand unlike most of the toys out there which are good for a few months before your baby gets bored with them.

You can take a look at Melissa and Doug toys which are very educational and a lot of fun for your baby. They will last a lot more than a few months and your baby is guaranteed to love them.

The birthday party

Of course this day calls for celebration and it is important for you to have a small party for your little one. This said however, it is important that you keep in mind that your baby does not know what is happening at this point and therefore spending excessive amounts of money that you do not have would not be of use. In fact, many parents today are throwing massive parties for their baby’s first birthdays but in reality, this is money wasted. It would be a better idea for you to have a small inexpensive celebration at home with a homemade cake and some delicious party snacks.